Nichiren says follow the Law, SGI follows the person!

Nichiren says follow the Law, SGI follows the person.

Nichiren teaches the Treasure of the Buddha and the person [subject] of the Secret Law of the Object of Worship is Shakyamuni Buddha and SGI states, it is Nichiren.

Nichiren teaches that the Transmission of the Law is through faith in the scrolls of the Lotus Sutra [the Gohonzon and the Lotus Sutra itself] and SGI teaches that it is through the Three Presidents and the SGI itself.

The prime point of the Lotus Sutra, according to Nichiren Daishonin, are the Three Treasures and Three Great Secret Laws. According to the SGI it is the Mentor-Disciple relationship.

The Buddha and Nichiren teach that there are no distinctions among the disciples and believers of the Lotus Sutra but SGI is an authoritarian pyramidal structured hierarchy.

The SGI teaches Interfaith. Nichiren teaches the exclusive faith and practice of the Lotus Sutra and the inferiority of both provisional Buddhist teachings and non-Buddhist teachings.

Nichiren teaches that faith is first and foremost. The SGI teaches that practice is first and foremost.

The SGI teaches that one can believe in just about anything as long as one chants the Daimoku. Nichiren teaches to only believe in the Lotus Sutra.

Nichiren revered and praised Shakyamuni Buddha. SGI reveres and praises Ikeda and themselves.


4 responses to “Nichiren says follow the Law, SGI follows the person!

  1. I did practice for quite a few years but eventually left finding an ever-increasing dissonance with who the SGI people are. I agree with all the various posts you have written. The manner in which the living ikeda’s name was pushed in to the closing gongyo prayers, the way in which he says he is the last president the SGI will have — he is a megalomaniac. Because of the positive feelings associated with the chant,I do chant from time to time, but the gaining brownie points for religiously doing 3hrs 20 mts was pathetic. Another point I want to make is that they GOSSIP — any problems at home and people across the nation get to know — how sick is that.

  2. Hello there, i want to confirm to ur point where u have mentioned that we of the sgi thinks that we will achieve world peace . Yes , we will achieve world peace”

  3. So do you say the chant in and of itself is powerful? Not getting caught up in organisation and just chanting on ones own?

  4. This is absolutely rubbish..there is no shred of truth in it. It is like Donald Trump talking about alternate reality where his view is the correct and true view of the world.

    SGI is all about doing your own human revolution, my advice to people who see this post is to get to know your practice better and study hard, you will know the way! You 3will onow how the law works. This Gakkai is very good at supporting members to grow and do their human revolution and not be shakcled by personal grudges against some fellow members and leaders. I have practiced for 15 years, in India and in the US and I am still learning and ejoying it and yes I am a leader too.



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